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Filling out forms was a terrible experience for everyone. Wunderite changes that.

Data First

Data first

Structured data makes insurance wonderful.

Easy to use

Easy to use

Underwriting in your pocket



No manuals needed


Growth Focused

Remove the barriers to a top of stack submission. Wow new prospects. Reduce errors and omissions. Collect actionable data.

Your underwriters will thank you, too.

Mobile. Like your Salesforce

Producers are mobile. Paper applications slow them down.

mobile = wonderful


Take prospects to market faster. Our streamlined process reduces wasted time.

Recruit better

Millennials represent a majority of the workforce and they get tech: onboard them faster. Teach them relationship building and insurance expertise, not scanning and faxing.


Collaboration means accurate data, higher buy-in, and less duplication.

Set the photocopier free


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